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State and national politics may have hit an all-time low, but we are a resilient nation, and I believe we can turn things around!


Politicians and pundits need to either quit playing games with healthcare, or get out of the way and let responsible adults take over.


Unless you use your gun to commit crime, I have no intention of trying to take it away.

Science & Environment

Climate change is real, it's here, and it's going to get much worse over the next 50 years.


I believe that the public school system is the backbone of our country.  It is one of the primary means by which children and young adults learn about the world outside of their homes and families.  The social lessons learned from taking classes with students of diverse backgrounds and abilities are an important part of growing into a responsible and productive citizen.  This is the essence of the "melting pot" that has made this country great.


Interesting, fulfilling, and high-paying jobs don't just appear because we want them to.  We need to create an environment that fosters their creation by investing in infrastructure and the people that will perform the jobs of tomorrow.


I'm generally against the privatization of assets, infrastructure, and workforce developed with public funding.

Committee to Elect Murphey Johnson
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