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I am running as an independent candidate for the 6th District seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The primary system is not working.

It currently allows and encourages the most extreme elements of both political parties to control our options in the general election.  We wind up with (1) unnecessarily polarizing rhetoric that divides our nation and (2) ineffective legislators who don't know how to solve real problems.

Locally, the result is that instead of crafting legislation to provide good schools, jobs, infrastructure, and healthcare, our "representative" gives us an official state rifle!  He and his cronies turn down federal money for healthcare and highways and vote against needed road funding and expanded opportunities for higher education.

The solution is simple.  We don't have to support the two-party system.

As an independent candidate, I will be skipping the primaries and going straight to the general election.  I won't receive support from either state or national party, and I won't be beholden to them.  If I win, I won't spend one minute worrying about a primary challenge in the next election, so I'll be able to concentrate on legislation to address real issues for the real people in my district.


Saturday, July 14, 2018 12:00 AM

2nd-Quarter Campaign Finance Article in JCP

This article covers recent finance reports for several local campaigns, including my own.  For some reason, JCP still thinks Justin Leslie is on the ballot for the 6th District; he's not.

The Hill Gang has raised a lot of money for Micah Van Huss, including an interesting $5000 contribution from the Tennessee Employees Action Movement a month before the Gang came out with a press release opposing privatization at Northeast State.

While I generally agree with their position in the release (which would be better if it actually took the form of legislative action), I don't think we should have to pay our elected officials to simply get off their butts and say the right thing.  Drain the swamp, already!

Sunday, February 11, 2018 12:00 AM

Johnson City Press Interview

Over the past few weeks, Zach Vance of the Johnson City Press has been interviewing candidates for public office.  Here's my interview with him!

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